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Is it really time for Spring sports to be starting up already?  I’m glad the next game should be outside.

So here’s some stuff that I’ve been meaning to post for a bit, but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

My sister graduated from high school about a week ago and of course I got to be the one taking pictures.  
I also went out with one of my friends and shot some pictures for her.  So here are a few photos that are a bit different than all of the sports photos that seem to consume this blog…
Today brought a little bit of work for my sister and a bit of a makeshift studio in our living room on a couch.  These and other images are for her art portfolio as she applies to Illinois State University.

I figured that this would give me the biggest problem, a pair of shoes that would throw shadows like crazy.  The solution was nothing other than one lamp adding light behind and my on camera flash pointed straight up with a white card on the back side.  The white ceiling in our living room helped bounce light back, but all in all.  Two lights, no shadows, and all on the first attempt, sweet!