Category: ULA

My stay in Florida for STS-135 coincided with the launch of a ULA Delta IV carrying an Air Force Block II-F GPS satellite at 2:41AM EDT.  This provided me the opportunity to not only witness a night launch, but to try for a streak photo.  The above image is a 5 minutes exposure at f/22 at 50ISO on a 5D MK II with a 24 1.4L II lens.  For a first attempt I’d say the image is a success.  As far as capturing the arc of the rocket, it falls a little short.  I should have chosen a wider lens for the shot, and taken it at 20 or even 16mm.  I also should have allowed for a little bit more time for the lens to acclimate to the warm Florida air.  A bit of fog on the lens accounts for some of the haze visible around the streak.  I guess I’ll be planning another trip down here at some point to give this shot another attempt.