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In the early hours of October 12, 2012, Endeavour began her move from LAX towards the California Science Center.  The shuttle would cover 12 miles of city streets over the course of three days.  Here are some of my favorite images from the three day trek.

Despite the beginning of the move taking place in the middle of the night, large number of the public turned out to watch the shuttle roll down the street.

Endeavour was finally pulled inside her new (temporary) home at the California Science Center around 7pm on the 14th.

Endeavour was removed from the top of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, a modified 747, the same evening as her arrival at LAX.  De-mating operations continued through the night and into the dawn as Endeavour was placed atop the transporter that would drive her through the streets of Los Angeles a few weeks later.

Shuttle and SCA, together for one last time.

Endeavour would sit in a hanger at LAX for a few weeks while final preparations for her move through the city were made.

A follow-up to my post of some of my polaroid work from Discovery’s (OV-103) final trip.  A full website update over at is coming soon!