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After making her way to the VAB the day before, Atlantis was lifted early on the morning of May 18.






In just about 11 days Atlantis will roll out to pad 39A for the final mission of the space shuttle program as Endeavour returns from her mission in space.

The day after Endeavour launched on the penultimate mission of the space shuttle program I photographed the last rollover of an orbiter to the Vehicle Assembly Building.  Atlantis made the move out of her Orbiter Processing Facility on the morning of May 17.

The crew of STS-135 even worked the rope line in front of the media and posed for pictures with the orbiter.





The second time seems to be the charm for me and shuttle launches.  After about two weeks of delays, Endeavour (OV-105), rocketed towards the heavens on the penultimate flight of the space shuttle program.




The low cloud deck meant the shuttle was out of view really quick after it left the pad, the positive side to this was a really cool shadow cast by the orbiters exhaust plume.