August, 2008 Archives

Because of a few comment’s I’ve received I’d like to clarify something.  The photograph featured below, shot at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Mo, is in no way photoshopped or altered.  It appears here exactly as it was shot last weekend.  The photo was taken with a Canon 1D and a tilt-shift lens.  The lens, a TS-E 45 2.8, has controls that allow for the adjustment of the focal plane, which creates the effect that can be seen in the photograph.  The tilt-shift is primarily used for architectural photography to correct the ‘falling down’ look of buildings.

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Missouri topped Auburn 1-0 tonight.  The light was really amazing towards the end of the first half.

Of note, this is the 100th post since I started this photoblog last year.  Thanks for visiting!!