May, 2008 Archives

So I though that I’d dig a little and pull out some kinda older photos.  The first coming from my trip to Philmont the summer before my freshmen year in college and the others coming from a mid-semester trip to Kentucky to see Damien Rice.  That trip included a stop in Metropolis, IL so that everyone could experience the giant superman statute in their downtown.

Stay tuned for further updates coming this summer.

For one reason or another I’ve always been a fan of this picture.  I know a few of my friends share similar sentiments.  It’s always been kind of an oddball to me, but odd can be cool too sometimes.  

So here’s some stuff that I’ve been meaning to post for a bit, but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

My sister graduated from high school about a week ago and of course I got to be the one taking pictures.  
I also went out with one of my friends and shot some pictures for her.  So here are a few photos that are a bit different than all of the sports photos that seem to consume this blog…