March, 2008 Archives

I’m back in Columbia after spring break and jumping right back into it.  Thankfully this week isn’t too busy sports wise, since I have a few tests this week…

Up this week is a softball double header against Drake University, a baseball game, and then spring soccer.  (I’m thinking netcam)

With Missouri being done I am pretty much on my own for the finals other than shooting the podiums at the end of all of the matches.

Here’s a look at the arena as it’s nearing final set-up and what it looks like from the press box completely set-up for tonight’s championships.  
I’ll be shooting tonight’s finals from up above, so that should make for some nice images.

Here’s an early photo from today’s morning session.  It’s definitely a lot nicer shooting today with how the mats are set up (an overall photo will follow soon) and there are noticeably fewer photographers, though I’m sure there will be many more at tonight’s finals.

Now if only there was actually food of some sort here other than chips…